Student Theses

Kubala, Stephanie:
Lundquist number scaling in mst reversed-field pinch plasmas   2023

Greess, Samuel:
New frontiers in collisionless reconnection: exploring magnetosphere-relevant reconnection with experiments and custom kinetic simulations   2022

Endrizzi, Doug:
The formation of parallel and perpendicular collisionless shocks in the big red ball   2021

Milhone, Jason:
Instability, ion heating, and flow drive in high-β hall plasmas   2020

Lichko, Emily:
Magnetic pumping as a source of particle heating   2020

Flanagan, Ken:
Development of high-β, weakly magnetized plasma couette flow drive in pursuit of electromagnetic instabilities in the hall regime   2020

Olson, Joseph:
Exploring driven, high lundquist number magnetic reconnection in the laboratory: studies of sub-ion scale plasmoids, and the interplay between shocks and magnetic flux pileup   2020

VanMeter, Patrick:
Observations of helical plasma dynamics using complementary x-ray diagnostics in the mst   2020

Norval, Ryan:
Plasma-neutral interactions as an energy sink in the edge of the madison symmetric torus   2019

Bonofiglo, Philip:
Fast ion transport in the reversed-field pinch   2019

Boguski, Jonathan:
Local ion velocity measurements in the mst saturated single helical axis state   2019

Peterson, Ethan:
A laboratory model for magnetized stellar winds   2019

Whelan, Garth:
Details of ion-temperature-gradient-driven instability saturation   2019

Xing, Zichuan Anthony:
Ion thermal transport and heating in reduced tearing rfp plasmas   2019

Duff, James:
Observation of trapped-electron mode microturbulence in improved confinement reversed-field pinch plasmas   2018

Lauersdorf, Nicholas:
Development of a ross filter based aluminum line radiation (nickal2) detector in madison symmetric torus   2018

Nishizawa, Takashi:
Characterizing the role of drift-wave turbulence in a reversed field pinch   2018

Capecchi, William:
A critical fast ion beta in the madison symmetric torus reversed field pinch   2017

Seltzman, Andrew:
Demonstration of electron bernstein wave heating in a reversed field pinch   2017

Triana, Joe:
Measurements of two-fluid relaxation in the madison symmetric torus   2017

Weisberg, David:
Pursuing the plasma dynamo and mri in the laboratory : hydrodynamic studies of unmagnetized plasmas at large magnetic reynolds number   2016

Morton, Lucas:
Turbulence and transport in magnetic islands in mst and diii-d   2016

Brookhart, Matthew:
Subcritical onset of plasma fluctuations and magnetic self-organization in a line-tied screw pinch   2015

Sauppe, Joshua:
Extended magnetohydrodynamic modeling of plasma relaxation dynamics in the reversed-field pinch   2015

Cook, Carson:
Shear alfven continua and discrete modes in the presence of a magnetic island   2015

Eilerman, Scott:
Ion runaway during magnetic reconnection in the reversed-field pinch   2014

Caspary, K.J.:
Density and beta limits in the madison symmetric torus reversed-field pinch   2014

Parke, Eli:
Diagnosis of equilibrium magnetic profiles, current transport, and internal structures in a reversed-field pinch using electron temperature fluctuations   2014

Carmody, Daniel:
Microinstabilities and turbulent transport in the reversed field pinch   2014

Cornille, Brian:
Parallelization of debs (undergraduate senior thesis in engineering physics department)   2014

Johnson, Curtis:
Implementing rational surface locations measured from thomson scattering into mstfit (undergraduate senior thesis)   2014

Taylor, N. Zane:
Optimizing the flow in a liquid sodium dynamo experiment   2014

Makwana, Kirit:
Damped modes in plasma microturbulence: saturation, regulation, and energy partition   2013

Waksman, Jeff:
Neutral beam heating of a reversed-field pinch in the madison symmetric torus   2013

McGarry, Meghan:
Probing the relationship between magnetic and temperature structures with soft x-rays on the madison symmetric torus   2013

Koliner, Jon:
Neutral beam excitation of alfve ́n continua in the madison symmetric torus reversed field pinch   2013

Johnson , Jay:
Implementing bayesian statistics and a full systematic uncertainty propagation with the soft x-ray tomography diagnostic on the madison symmetric torus (undergraduate senior thesis)   2013

Collins, Cami:
Spinning an unmagnetized plasma for magnetorotational instability studies in the plasma couette experiment   2013

Stone, Douglas:
Magnetic relaxation during oscillating field current drive in a reversed field pinch   2013

Kaplan, Elliot:
The role of large eddy fluctuations in the magnetic dynamics of the madison dynamo experiment   2012

Paz-Soldan, Carlos:
Stabilization of the resistive wall mode and error field modification by a rotating conducting wall   2012

Reusch, Josh:
Measured and simulated electron thermal transport in the madison symmetric torus reversed field pinch   2011

King, Jacob:
First-order finite-larmor-radius effects on magnetic tearing and relaxation in pinch configurations   2011

Smith, Kurt:
Coherent structures in plasma turbulence: persistence, intermittency, and connections with observations   2011

Magee, Richard:
Ion energization during tearing mode magnetic reconnection in a high temperature plasma   2011

Miller, Matthew:
Non-axisymmetric flows and transport in the edge of mst   2011

Kasten, Cale P.:
Electron temperature fluctuations during magnetic reconnection in the reversed-field pinch (undergraduate senior thesis)   2011

Burke, David R.:
Kinetic modeling and lower hybrid current drive in the reversed field pinch   2010

Yang, Youming:
Stochastic transport in ppcd discharges (m.s.)   2010

Clayton, Daniel:
Fast electron transport in improved-confinement rfp plasmas   2010

Hatch, David:
Mode analysis of gyrokinetic simulations of plasma microturbulence   2010

Hannum, David :
Characterizing the plasma of the rotating wall machine   2010

Stephens, Hillary:
Electron temperature structures associated with magnetic tearing modes in the madison symmetric toru   2010

Tharp, Tim:
Measurements of nonlinear hall-driven reconnection in the reversed field pinch   2010

Kaufman, Mike:
Lower hybrid experiments using an interdigital line antenna on the reversed field pinch   2009

Bergerson, William:
Experimental observation of internal and external kinks in the resistive wall machine   2008

Ennis, David:
Local measurements of tearing mode flows and the mhd dynamo in the mst reversed-field pinch   2008

Wyman, Max:
The physics of high density, high-beta reversed-field pinch plasmas   2007

Hudson, Benjamin F.:
Fast ion confinement in the reversed-field pinch   2006

Nornberg, Mark D.:
The role of mhd turbulence in magnetic self-excitation: a study of the madison dynamo experiment   2006

Bayliss, Adam:
Numerical simulations of current generation and dynamo excitation in a mechanically-forced, turbulent flow   2006

Choi, Seung-Ho:
Origin of tearing mode excitation in the mst reversed field pinch   2006

Blair, Arthur:
Oscillating field current drive experiments in the madison symmetric torus   2006

Spence, Erik J.:
Experimental observation of fluctuation-driven mean magnetic fields in the madison dynamo experiment   2006

Ebrahimi, Fatima:
Nonlinear magnetohydrodynamics of ac helicity injection   2003

Biewer, Ted:
Electron thermal transport in the madison symmetric torus   2002

Crocker, Neal:
Magnetic reconnection in the mst reversed field pinch   2001

Anderson, Jay:
Measurement of the electrical resistivity profile of the madison symmetric torus   2001

Hansen, Alexander:
Kinematics of nonlinearly interacting mhd instabilities in a plasma   2000

Chiang, Ching-Shih:
Measurement of electrostatic fluctuations and particle transport in an improved-confinement rfp   2000

Fontana, Paul W.:
Ion dynamics and the dynamo in the edge of the reversed-field pinch   1999

Lanier, Nick:
Electron density fluctuations and fluctuation -induced transport in the reversed-field pinch   1999

Craig, Darren:
controlling fluctuations and transport in the reversed field pinch with edge current drive and plasma biasing   1998

Chapman, James:
Spectroscopic measurement of the mhd dynamo in the mst reversed field pinch   1998

Chapman, Brett:
Fluciuation reducfion and enhanced confinement in the mst reversed-field pinch   1997

Sovinec, Carl:
Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of noninductive helicity in the reversed-field pinch and tokamak   1995

Stoneking, Matthew:
Fast electron generation and transport in a turbulent, magnetized plasma   1994

Zita, Elizabeth:
Magnetohydrodynamic computation of feedback stabilization of resistive-shell instabilities in the reversed field pinch   1993

Newman, David:
The dynamics of interacting nonlinearities governing long wavelength driftwave turbulence   1993

Watts, Christopher:
Chaos and simple determinism in reversed field pinch plasmas   1993

Tan, Ing:
Edge gradient and safety factor effects on electrostatic turbulent transport in tokamaks   1992

Shen, Weimin:
Measurement of current density fluctuations and ambipolar particle flux due to magnetic fluctuations in mst   1992

Scime, Earl:
Ion heating and mhd dynamo fluctuations in the reversed field pinch   1992

Assadi, Saeed:
Measurement of magnetic turbulence structure and nonlinear mode coupling of tearing fluctuations in the madison symetric torus reverse field pinch edge   1992

Spragins, Cisse:
Electrostatic turbulence and transport in the rfp edge   1992

Haines, Edward:
Measurement of magnetic fluctuations at small spatial scales in the tokapole ii tokamak   1991

Chartas, George:
Manifestations of the mhd and kinetic dynamo through soft x-rays   1991

Goetz, John:
Total magnetic reconnection during a tokamak major disruption   1990

Beckstead, J.A.:
Sawteeth in the mst reversed field pinch   1990

Sidikman, Kenneth:
Self-consistent field error effects in reverse field pinch plasmas   1990

Almagri, Abdulgader:
The effects of field errors on reversed field pinch plasma   1990

LaPointe, Michael:
Magnetic fluctuation measurements in the tokapole ii tokamak   1990

Graessle, Dale:
Magnetic turbulence versus safety factor in the tokapole ii tokamak   1989

Den Hartog, Daniel:
An energy confinement study of the mst reversed field pinch using a thompson scattering diagnostic   1989

Ho, Yung-Lung:
Behavior of the reversed field pinch with nonideal boundary conditions   1988

Sarff, John:
Studies of a poloidal divertor reversed field pinch   1988

Uchimoto, Eijiro:
Numerical simulations of resistive magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in a poloidal divertor tokamak   1988

Moyer, Richard:
Magnetic and material limiter discharges in tokapole ii   1988

Kortbawi, David:
Alfven wave studies on a tokamak   1987

Painchauld, Stephen:
Neoclassical currents in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1987

Leonard, Anthony:
The trapping of a gun-injected plasma by a tokamak   1986

Brickhouse, Nancy:
Experimental study of impurity production in the tokapole ii tokamak   1984

Twitchell, Jonathan:
Confinement properties of high energy density plasmas in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1984

Osbourne, Thomas:
Disruptive instabilities in a poloidal divertor tokamak   1984

Zarnstroff, Michael:
Experimental observation of neoclassical currents   1984

Shepard, David:
Discharge initiation experiments int eh tokapole ii tokamak   1984

Witherspoon, Franklin:
Experimental study of the shear alfven resonance in a tokamak   1984

Smith, Phillip:
Plasma potential in a magnetic mirror with electron cyclotron resonance heating   1983

Kellman, Arnold:
Experimental study of high beta toroidal plasmas   1983

Fortgang, Clifford:
High power ion cyclotron resonance heating in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1983

Makowski, Michael:
Drift wave studies in a linear multiple mirror   1983

Rose, Evan:
Experiment and theory of a drift wave in the levitated octupole   1982

Holly, Donald:
Poloidal ohmic heating in a multipole   1982

Phillips, Michael:
The equilibrium and stability of the multipole   1982

Kieras, Cynthia:
Shear alfven waves in tokamaks   1982

Garner, Harold:
Low frequency turbulence, particle and heat transport in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1982

Strawitch, Clifford:
Plasma transport in a simulated magnetic divertor configuration   1981

Biddle, Alan:
Ion heating in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies in the wisconsin tokapole   1980

Brouchous, David:
Plasma resistivity measurements in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1979

Strait, Edward:
Divertor experiments in a toroidal plasma, with exb drift due to an applied electric field   1979

Spence, Ross:
Stimulated thompson scattering   1979

Lipschultz, Bruce:
Axisymetric instability in a noncircular tokamak   1979

Short, Robert:
Stability analysis of cylindrical valsov equilibria   1979

Owens, Thomas:
Lower hybrid heating associated with mode conversion on the wisconsin octupole   1979

Groebner, Richard:
Vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopic study of plasma impurities in the tokapole ii poloidal divertor experiment   1979

Ehrhardt, Alicia:
Convective cells and their relationship to vortex diffusion in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1978

Grubb, David:
The dissapative trapped electron instability in the linear multi-mirror device   1978

Armentrout, Charles:
Ambipolar electric fields and turbulence studies in the wisconsin levitated octupole   1977