How do I access data?

All of the data collected on WiPPL devices are stored on MDSplus servers. Data are structured on nodes organized in trees that are grouped by diagnostic. Here are some initial steps that an external user can take to making access to the data available before your experimental campaign:

  • Contact IT services at your institution to obtain a static IP address from which you will be connecting to the WiPPL MDSplus servers.
  • With help from your scientific facilitator, determine the diagnostic data you are most interested in from your experiment and determine the tree structure where it will be located.
  • Install the MDSplus distribution on your local computer. The source code and instructions are available here.
    • Some example jScope configuration scripts are provided to access basic operational data.
    • Generally, you can develop a configuration file for any diagnostic you plan to add to the device.
  • Download helpful scripts below that will prepare your computer for access to the WiPPL MDSplus servers:
    • Bash script to install local version of Miniconda2 for those fluent in Python
    • Python script to access MST MDSplus trees