How do I plan and execute an experiment at WiPPL?

If you have an idea for an experiment you would like to perform on any of the WiPPL devices we would encourage you to begin a discussion about the idea through our User Proposal Procedure outlined below.

The application for experiment is a fillable PDF in which you can provide your contact information and a brief description of your proposed experiment.  Once your application is submitted, you will receive credentials that we will use later in the process to handle access requirements for collaboration. You are also assigned a Facilitator, a staff scientist who will help you make the most compelling case for your project in a user project proposal.

A user project proposal consists of an abstract and a three-slide illustrated presentation, describing the high-level vision for the proposed experiment. Project proposals are reviewed  based on principles similar to DOE merit review criteria: scientific and/or technological significance, appropriateness and feasibility of approach, and broader impacts.

Content suggestion for project proposal three-slide illustrated presentation:

1. Overview
* Title
* Team
* Summary including major outcomes, expected publications

2. Motivation
* Background
* Methodology

3. Operations
* Facility needs (plasma sources and heating, diagnostics, software)
* Estimated run time and tasks

Once your project proposal is approved, the next step is to work with your Facilitator to plan for the experiment.

We will put your experiment on an operations calendar based on the run plan developed with the facilitator and on the availability of the investigators.  Although the run schedule is flexible, we prioritize planned experiments if they involve travel constraints.